Sunday, April 25, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law: Opponents Rally At State Capitol

I'm having a facebook argument with someone who keeps championing this insane law, under the argument that the "illegals" are making his country unsafe. What's less safe than cops empowered to question anyone, anytime on little to no grounds? I cannot make him understand the immense implications of asking one group to "show papers." It starts with one group - but soon another is added.

Please, please, please - if you do not live in Arizona, join the rest of the country in BOYCOTTING events, products, speakers, anything related to Arizona. We are hurting financially - but $$ seems to be the only language the governor and her party understand.

Here also is a link to 13 things we can do now to fight this law:
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

13 Things you can do right now to fight the passage of Arizona's SB1070

Hello, dear friends who value human rights and social justice -

You likely are as outraged and disturbed as I am about the signing into law yesterday of SB 1070 by Gov. Jan Brewer. As I've been discussing for two days with my boyfriend, John: we who care and have a voice are living here in this state right now for a REASON. And it is up to us not only to whine and bitch about this travesty of justice, but to truly put our money where our mouths are.

To that end, I've created a list of 13 things we can do, starting right now, to take action. Please pass this list along to anyone in your circle who shares our mission and wants to DO SOMETHING.

Wishing you continued peace and blessings -


1. Attend the rally at noon tomorrow, Sunday, April 25, at the Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington.

2. Get educated. Read the bill so that you understand it.

Senate Bill 1070

SB 1070 Fact sheet

AZ State Rep Kristin Sinema debates Arpaio about SB 1070 on CNN

Rachel Maddow deconstructs SB 1070, with footage from Brewer herself

3. Get vocal. When you hear people discussing the issue - particularly when you hear people disseminating FALSE and INCORRECT information - speak up. Rebut. Bear witness. Know your facts.

4. Stay calm. This bill has the potential to create vast divides and ignite violence. We must follow the lead of all the students and teachers of nonviolent communication - and in spite of our own anger and frustration, be the change we want to see. We must be light. We must be love. We must be the example.

5. Rally others to the cause. When people express an interest in knowing what they can do, forward this list to them.

6. Sign this petition - and tell your friends!

7. Know that the power is in numbers. Connect with local grassroots organizations and student groups that are leading the effort.

8. Be prepared to talk to the media about why you oppose SB 1070 and how this law is not just about Arizona or the rights of undocumented workers, but about the kind of country we want to live in as Americans.

9. Get your out-of-state friends involved. Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva has called for an economic boycott of Arizona, which means not traveling to Arizona and avoiding the expenditure of any dollars in Arizona. The American Immigration Lawyers' Association is already boycotting by canceling it's annual conference in Scottsdale. Some truckers are already boycotting. Others are asking the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) to divest from Arizona. More economic sanctions are likely to be announced in the coming week with a list of products and companies to boycott.

10. Engage in acts of CIVIL disobedience. Leave your licenses at home. Walk out of schools and walk into local Congressional offices of politicians who refuse to stand up for immigration reform. Conducts sit-ins, hunger strikes and flash mobs. Offer to get yourself detained wearing t-shirts and carrying signs that say "Do I look like an 'illegal immigrant' to you?" or "Being brown is NOT a crime."

11. Use online tools to organize. Use the hashtag #LegalizeAZ on Twitter to connect with more people taking action against SB 1070. Change your Facebook profile picture to the badge on the images page (or something similar) to show solidarity. Also join the Facebook group 1 Million Strong against SB 1070 and don't forget to follow growing immigrant youth taking actions on Twitter and Facebook.

12. Join Facebook groups:

Against SB 1070

1 Million Strong AGAINST the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070

13. Make a bumper sticker like the one below - or get one from me. I wish I could give them away, but I'll need $1 to cover printing and postage. REPEAL SB 1070, PO Box 40273, Phoenix 86067 (check to Laura Orsini, please).